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Founded by ad-tech experts at the forefront of programmatic, Wiseroll provides consistent, high-quality, fraud-free media services by using the best programmatic technology and top notch customer service. The team’s expertise spans multiple demand and supply platforms, as well as RTB, ad-servers, and reporting systems.

Wiseroll responds to customer needs quickly by addressing the volatility in the marketplace with speed and substance. Our goal is to create long lasting relationships that can withstand the quickly changing landscape of programmatic and digital advertising.

About Us

Wiseroll is a global media services company that specializes in buying and selling video in the digital ad space through:

  • Programmatic / RTB
  • Direct Publishers
  • Premium Networks

Partnering with the top buyers and connected with all major DSPs and SSPs, we keep on top of new technologies and improving existing ones to ensure the best results for our clients.
We know the ad-tech landscape and how to navigate it – with a combination of deep technical experience, agility, and a commitment to top-tier customer service.

Wiseroll was founded on the belief that helping our buyers and sellers succeed will bring us long term success. This mindset is part of our company DNA and informs everything we do.

& Services

Wiseroll helps buyers and sellers monetize their inventory with:


To reach the right consumer at the right time, we offer RTB buying and selling. Buyers can target a large audience quickly for maximum impact. Publishers can maximize profits quickly and effiecently.


To ensure that buyers are meeting their key performance indicators, we provide yield optimization customized to client’s metrics. Reporting data is constantly reviewed and retargeted, as needed, to optimize outcomes and success.


To give buyers and sellers control and access to the information they (want and need), when they want it. Reporting APIs add simplicity and transparency to the process.


With a strategic focus on curating quality media and optimization, Wiseroll partners with DSPs and trade desks to provide consistent, high-quality, safe media. We monitor campaigns with the latest technology and provide the reporting you need — reliable, timely, and transparent. You’ll see the results.


Leveraging the latest technology, Wiseroll partners with Direct Publishers and SSPs to monetize their media for the highest returns. You can rely on us for high-quality media, seamless integration with the top buyers, and transparency across all buy, as well as yield optimization services. We are continually monitoring and improving our technologies so we can deliver a steady stream of consistent buyers, converting inventory to revenue.

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