the world of
digital video ads

Navigating the world of digital ad campaigns is challenging.
Wiseroll is here to help!

about us

Wiseroll was founded in early 2015 by industry professionals to provide better solutions for programmatic buying and selling. Our expertise spans multiple demand and supply platforms, as well as several ad-servers and video player technologies. We operate our own private marketplace where we can enable direct transactions between publishers and advertisers. We’ve created our own proprietary in-feed player for mobile and desktop, in-app player , RTB bidder, and an ad management platform.



  • In-feed unit for mobile or desktop
  • Auto-play / click-to-play video-ad SDK for any mobile device
  • Plug & play with single VAST tag, seamless integration over API, no video-player or custom coding needed
  • Proprietary platform for supply, demand and marketplace management
  • Turn-key service management for on-boarding and monetizing inventory


Our core competence is a deep understanding of the programmatic landscape. We assist advertisers in reaching their audience, and publishers in monetizing their inventory. Along the way, we provide a tailored and personalized service to help meet our customers goals. We are fully transparent and aim to build long lasting relationships.


Wiseroll works across direct publishers, exchanges and networks to provide advertisers with access to their audiences. We curate quality supply while layering on data to ensure our advertisers meet their goals with brand safely and efficiency in mind.


Get your supply to advertisers in a few simple steps. We help monetize your inventory by providing access to direct advertisers and premium demand partners, provide video technologies and content syndication, and create private marketplaces for safe & secure transactions.


We specialize in bringing together buyers and sellers across a multi-sceen ecosystem by using an array of programmatic and ad-serving technologies.